Google Android application - NotesMappr

Saturday 18th of December 2010 10:32:02 PM

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NotesMappr is PolishedCode's semantic note taking app for Google’s Android platform. In other words, NotesMappr (see screen shot, below) is note taking that fits your brain.

NotesMappr - Semantic note taking app for Android

UX patterns

  • Address book (contacts) sync, i.e., on application start-up, convert all contacts in address book into note topics in conjunction with appropriate associations between (imported) contacts and the user's note topic.
  • Dashboard pattern, i.e., homepage orientation activity (hub and spoke structural model).
  • Action bar pattern providing the user with quick access to frequently used actions in the application, e.g., create topic, view associations and occurrences (of the current topic). Furthermore, the action bar provides a one-touch (actionable region) to return to the application's homepage.
  • Search bar pattern with suggestions support and history.
  • Quick action pattern for the data 'lists' within the application, e.g., topics (or a list of recently created topics), accompanying associations and occurrences.
  • Android home screen companion widget displaying the current (last viewed) topic and the ability to create a new topic (providing both the topic identifier and label); said topic will appear at the top of the list of recently created topics (accessible from the homepage activity).

Additional functionality

  • Facebook and Twitter integration: creation of topics and subsequent updates can be posted to the user's Facebook and/or Twitter account.