ContextNote launch To-do list

Saturday 4th of May 2013 05:38:18 PM

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  • Renew domain [DONE]
  • Purchase and configure VPS (Linode) [DONE]
  • Finish development of ContextNote web application (Zend Framework)
    • Integrate authentication and user (management) module (ZfcUser) [DONE]
    • Define and implement best (horizontal) scaling methodology and accompanying sharding algorithm (or lookup scheme) [DONE]
    • Finalize and integrate the topic map store [DONE]
    • Implement front-end
  • Configure and tune production server
    • Apache
    • MySQL
  • Deploy ContextNote web application to production server
  • Finalize development of ContextNote REST API
  • Deploy ContextNote API to production server
  • Test production environment
  • Enable production environment backups


  • Create social media accounts
    • Twitter [DONE]
    • Facebook [DONE]
    • Google+ [DONE]
  • Install and configure website and accompanying blog (WordPress) [DONE]
    • Setup DNS for domain [DONE]
    • Create and install GoogleAnalytics tracking code
    • Purchase and install custom theme (Themeforest or Obox Design)
  • Devise content strategy and publish initial batch of blog entries
  • Devise social-media strategy and start engaging with target customers
  • Setup newletter signup page (MailChimp)
  • Setup private beta signup page

Post-launch (private beta)

  • Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2013