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CrystalMind associations example

The diagrams below exemplify a set of associations between a fictitious family (Mary - mother and wife, Paul - father and husband, Kate - daughter and sister, Eric - son and brother, and John - son and brother).

Furthermore, John has two additional associations with two projects (Project X, for his university and Project Y, a website that he is developing).

As you navigate from topic to topic, take note how the associations menu (on the top right-hand side) updates to reflect the current topic's context grouped by association type (i.e., Family and Project) and their accompanying roles (i.e., Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife, University, and Web site).


Associations - flat

Flat view of associations between family members and certain projects

Associations - graph

Graph view of associations

Associations - graph (extended)

Graph view of associations - extended example

And that’s it. Semantic linking by means of associations. In summary, association types denote the kind of relationship you are establishing and (member) roles specify the roles that each topic (member) will play within the association.