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Friday 24th of October 2014 01:18:50 PM

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iOS, Android, and Web Knowledge Management

Development To-do list

PerfectLearn - Knowledge Management (KM)

Last update: September 06, 2013 (original list from July 10, 2013)

Topic store

  • deleteAssociation [DONE]
  • getTopics [DONE]
  • getPublishedTopicReferences

Topics, occurrences, associations, and metadata CRUD methods / actions

  • Topic
    • addName [DONE]
    • editName [DONE]
    • deleteName [DONE]
    • viewTags
    • addTag
  • Occurrences
    • editComment
    • deleteComment [DONE]
    • deleteImage
    • uploadAttachment [DONE]
    • viewAttachments [DONE]
    • deleteAttachment
    • editLink
    • deleteLink [DONE]
    • addVideoLink [DONE]
    • editVideoLink
    • deleteVideoLink
  • Associations
    • deleteAssociation [DONE]
    • deleteMember [DONE]
    • deleteTopicReference [DONE]
    • addAssociation (wizard) [DONE]
    • addMember [DONE]
    • addTopicReference [DONE]
  • Metadata
    • createMetadatum [DONE]
    • editMetadatum
    • deleteMetadatum

Semantic web query methods / actions

  • viewRelatedArticles (Freebase / Wikipedia) [DONE]
  • viewRelatedVideos (YouTube) [DONE]
  • viewRelatedImages (Flickr) [DONE]
  • viewRelatedNewsStories (various news sources) [DONE]
  • editArticlesQuery [DONE]
  • editVideosQuery [DONE]
  • editImagesQuery [DONE]
  • editNewsQuery [DONE]

Miscellaneous (some of which will be in version 1.1)

  • Signup and forgotten password workflows [DONE]
  • Intro screen [DONE]
  • Search functionality (ElasticSearch)
  • Topic breadcrumbs [DONE]
  • Integrate (@perfectlearn) Twitter-feed widget [DONE]
  • Implement functionality for non-deletable metadata (at application level) [DEPRECATED]
  • Full translation of application to Spanish [IN PROGRESS]
  • Context-aware shortcuts menu [DONE]
  • Supplemental navigation systems
    • Topic index (ordered by modification timestamp or creation timestamp) [IN PROGRESS]
    • Previous and next topic navigation links
  • Google Drive integration (Google Drive documents organised by topic)
  • Google Maps integration
  • Add 'loading' spinner for AJAX requests
  • 'Slugify' function for topic identifiers [DONE]
  • Client-side form validation
  • Upgrade to Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • User profile page [DONE]
  • UI polishing
    • Add tooltips where appropriate
    • Add in-place editing where appropriate (with X-editable library)
  • Extensive user testing

Marketing To-do list

  • Valuable content, valuable content, valuable content :-)
    • Write targeted blog posts (based on keyword analysis)
    • Tutorials / product videos (screencasts) on, YouTube, and Vimeo
      • "Web queries overview" [DONE]
      • "How to create a topic"
      • "How to create a simple association"
      • "How to create a non-trivial association"
      • "How to add a member to an association"
      • "How to add a topic reference to a member of an association"
      • "How to customize the semantic web queries (for related articles, videos, and images)"
      • "Language switching and its consequences"
      • "How to manage your online learning portfolio"
    • Engage (online) with influencers within the EdTech / PLE space
      • Twitter (#edtech and #ple hashtags) [IN PROGRESS]
      • LinkedIn (groups)
      • Google+ (groups)
  • Create MailChimp opt-in lists and accompanying signup forms [DONE]
  • Create a Google Chrome Web Store app version of the PerfecLearn web application?
  • Logo [DONE]
  • Favicon [DONE]

Legal To-do list

  • Terms & conditions
  • Privacy policy

Product-development To-do list (stage 2)

Mobile app

  • Potentially using cards as the dominant mobile design pattern
    • Cards are good at providing information "bursts" and lend themselves very well for atomized content (i.e., a topic and its occurrences)
    • Cards can be easily manipulated
      • Turned over to reveal more
      • Folded for a summary
      • Expanded for more details
      • Stacked to save space
      • Sorted, grouped, and spread out to survey more than one
    • Cards are inherently shareable

Initial iPad mockup for PerfectLearn

PerfectLearn iPad mockup

Initial Android mockup for PerfectLearn

PerfectLearn Android mockup

Knowledge graph sub-project