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Tuesday 22nd of September 2009 04:06:00 PM

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"¿Qué sucede? is Spanish and roughly translates to "what's up?". Basically, the site is my scratch pad on the Web. Because the site is based on the concept of topic maps, I am able to create pages (i.e., topics), attach resources of any type to those pages (for example, images, PDF-files and Excel spreadsheets) and subsequently link the pages together in a meaningful way (not unlike a wiki, but much more structured).

QueSucede.com is hosted on a 256 slice over at Slicehost running Ubuntu. Furthermore, the application is built on top of a typical LAMP-stack in conjunction with the Zend Framework. On the client-side, the JavaScript library of choice is jQuery.

Additional libraries and resources used, include:

As a side note, the application is still not finished; you can check out what I am planning to add to it, over here.