Application to-do list and bug triaging

Sunday 23rd of May 2010 11:10:28 PM

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Bug triaging

See Links for more info.

Severity levels

  • Critical: the software will not run
  • High: unexpected fatal errors (includes crashes and data corruption)
  • Medium: a feature is malfunctioning
  • Low: a cosmetic issue

Priority levels

  • Now: drop everything and take care of it as soon as you see this (usually for blocking bugs)
  • P1: fix before next build to test
  • P2: fix before final release
  • P3: we probably won’t get to these, but we want to track them anyway


  • 090102: add tab (functionality) to create, display, update and delete meta data. The topic map engine already supports (and extensively uses) meta data, all that is needed is the GUI-frontend.
  • 090102: add breadcrumb functionality. Said functionality has already been implemented in the controller but still lacking in the view - DONE 090211.
  • 090102: tweak the UI by making the Associations pane collapsible.
  • 090102: add the ability to search, i.e., make the topic map full text searchable.
  • 090103: add image cropping functionality (in conjunction with uploading the image).
  • 090103: add per topic blogging functionality and an application-wide RSS feed (being a bit more Web 2.0-ish).
  • 090107: add meta keywords and description functionality (by means of metadata).
  • 090204: use the Google AJAX Libraries content delivery network to serve jQuery directly from Google’s network of data centres; see URL: - DONE 090207.
  • 090204: update Zend Framework to latest version (currently 1.7.4).
  • 090205: fresh visual re-design (color scheme designer).
  • 090212: general speed improvements
  • 090309: drop jQuery validation-plugin in to forms.
  • 090316: add a link to the banner image back to the front page.
  • 090406: modify categories (for auto-generation of associations) for page creation to be more IT-specific.
  • 090819: add rel="nofollow" attributes to those links where it makes sense in the application/site - DONE 090820.
  • 090819: add functionality to automatically generate an XML Sitemap.
  • 090825: check the markup validity of site using the W3C Markup Validation Service - DONE 090825 (Except for "End tag for 'UL' which is not defined from the 'twitter_update_list' DIV").
  • 090913: design a HTTP 404 error page.
  • 090913: implement a Show all topics with a brief description thereof page. That is, list all those topics (in alphabetical order) that have a meta description in conjunction with said description and add it to the left-hand side menu (with pagination?).
  • 090918: display a list of the (ten) latest topics that have been added or updated on the front page.
  • 100509: add a Google Custom Search Engine.


  • 090102 [P2 priority, medium severity]: the application automatically logs the user off after a certain amount of time.
  • 090102 [P2 priority, medium severity]: localization errors, e.g., 'Create page, category selection (General otro)' - FIXED 090124.
  • 090127 [P3 priority, low severity]: associations - Show: CSS-error, font size too large (with Google Chrome).
  • 090204 [P3 priority, low severity]: line-wrapping of association labels (in the associations panel) - FIXED 100523.
  • 090210 [P3 priority, low severity]: insufficient right margin/padding of form legends (CSS) - FIXED 090210.
  • 090212 [P3 priority, low severity]: occurrence/show-link/id view - FIXED 090212.
  • 090218 [P3 priority, low severity]: /page/show-links line-wrapping of action links - FIXED 090219.
  • 090920 [P2 priority, medium severity]: edit meta data with a comma - only accepts input up until the comma and strips everything else off.